About me

AB 09-3“I believe it’s never too late to start living your dream
I discovered photography when my children moved out of the house to fill the” empty house syndrome” and the creativity I always felt but could never express.
I never knew what to call the photography technique I use until I came across the BELOVED PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE….
In short the Beloved technique that I apply:
* Beloved does not employ formal posing or a ‘say cheese” approach. I invite the couple into an experience and then photograph the moments that result from those experiences.
* means falling in love all over again.
* recalling why you fell in love
* removing the distance that builds unwittingly between people
I am happily married to the man that became the man of my dreams, whose love and support carried me.
I have three grown-up children doing their own creative thing and am lucky to have their constant help with new technical “stuff” or had friends who could help.
I thrive on going beyond just taking pictures of people. I want you to look at those images for years and remember, not only the click of the shutter, but the moments in between.